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Rethink the role of technology in creating intelligent, sustainable enterprises
Technology has a significant impact on people's lives. Learn how through our end-to-end technology solutions, we bring our vision of making the world run better and improving peoples’ lives to the fore.
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Every enterprise needs to develop new business models to avoid being disrupted, gain efficiencies to fund innovation, and transform mission-critical systems without business risk. RISE with SAP is the solution.
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Together, we can enable a future with zero emissions, zero waste, and zero inequality. Drive sustainability at scale by embedding operations, experience, and financial insights into your core business processes.
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2022 starts on a positive executive sentiment, with organizations expecting to see better economic opportunities. In such environment, technology has become a source for differentiation.
Paul Marriott - President at SAP Asia Pacific Japan
Driving Business Innovation together
Over the last 20 months organizations have embraced the power of innovative technologies to remain competitive. Today, organizations must evolve and capitalize on the growth opportunities by rethinking the global economies.
Brian Duffy - President of Cloud at SAP
Santiago Franco - Global CIO at Amadeus
The Power of Technology
Learn how SAP Business Technology Platform is helping customers across the world power their journey towards an intelligent, connected and sustainable future.
Peter Moore - Regional Vice President, Business Technology Platform at SAP Asia Pacific Japan
Journey to the Green Economy
Together we explore a city has become eco-sustainable through innovation made possible thanks to the adoption of RISE. This journey will inspire your digital evolution and transformation goals.
Susanna Hasenoehrl - SVP and Head of Sustainability at SAP Asia Pacific and Japan
Why businesses should move to the cloud
Market trends are driving businesses to evaluate their readiness for digital transformation and their execution strategy for the future. In this session, we talk about how businesses that run SAP can manage the challenges they face in their migration journey.
Lagnajit Patnaik - Head of S/4HANA Center of Excellence Solution Engineering at SAP Asia Pacific and Japan
Driving Innovation with Business Technology Platform
For organisations to grow and keep pace with evolving challenges, they need technology that helps bring their applications, data and processes together in a single unified environement. Hear how SAP BTP helps customers accelerate their cloud transition, allows them to extend and automate their processes and unifies their data for insight driven decision making.
Ashok Munirathinam - Head of Center Of Excellence, Business Technology Platform at SAP Asia Pacific and Japan
Driving Your Edge to Cloud Sustainability Strategy
Intel’s long-standing commitment to environmental leadership through sustainable manufacturing, data center design and ecosystem partnerships helps our customers and community stakeholders successfully innovate to meet the needs of the future. Learn about Intel’s sustainable strategy and partnership with SAP to reduce carbon footprint from the edge to the cloud.
Jennifer Huffstetler - Vice President & GM, Data Center Platform Strategy & Mobilization at Intel Corporation
Distributed intelligence becomes a driving force for digital transformation
By 2025, 75% of data will not be created within the datacenter but at the edge and end points according to IDC. Mining data intelligence at the edge, near the data source or point of service delivery, requires a distributed software and compute infrastructure to deliver actionable insights in real time. As data-intensive workloads shift closer to the edge, AI and 5G will open the door for digital transformation. Join us to learn more of the comprehensive data strategy from edge to cloud to deliver intelligence to where it is needed most.
Bill Pearson - Vice President, IoTG GM, Developer Enabling at Intel Corporation
“Give Data Purpose” with SAP Data and Next Gen AI and Analytics solutions
By giving your enterprise data purpose, you make available to your employees the power to discover, plan and act on real-time insights. Hear more from our experts.
Kris GS - Senior Director, Center of Excellence, Business Technology Platform, Data & Analytics at SAP Asia Pacific Japan
Thomas Mueller - Business Development Director, Business Technology Platform at SAP Asia Pacific and Japan
Application Development and Integration
Build, automate, and innovate. Create apps faster, automate processes, and scale without limits. Join us to hear how SAP's Integration and Extension solutions can enhance SAP S/4HANA Cloud and help increase business and employee productivity and improve customer experiences.
Joni Wong Angkasa - Senior Director, Center of Excellence, Business Technology Platform at SAP Asia Pacific Japan
Hyper-automation: Building the Intelligent, Automated Enterprise
Automation today looks much different than fleets of robots on the factory floor. Hear how SAP enables organisations to a simpler and faster way to automate business processes.
Manjunath Chandrashekar - Director, Business Technology Platform Center of Excellence, SAP Asia Pacific & Japan
Supply chain security goes digital
With today’s security challenges, it is important to expand the traditional definition of the supply chain to include the concept of digital supply chain. This expands the scope to encompass recording and tracking key information about a device’s entire lifespan. Hear more about this emerging capability and why it is critical to today’s security.
Tom Garrison - VP and GM of Client Security Strategy & Initiatives at Intel Corporation
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